Computer Repair and Upgrades

Virus Removal - Networking - WIFI Setup - Training - Recovery

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Your low-cost onsite Computer Repair Specialist
We serve Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

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Our rate is $75 per hour.

Most computer repairs resolved under an hour.  We charge in increments of 30 minutes but not less than one hour. If its a quick fix, don't worry, we will make sure to fill your hour, as you wish, with additional services. We will advise you if your repairs may exceed the cost of the computer.  We don't want you spending money with us if you can simply buy a new PC.  We are honest and our goal is to build trust. Please be advised that all virus removal jobs will not be done onsite and will require a scheduled pickup of the affected device and redelivery once infection is removed.  This is to keep your costs down since virus jobs usually take longer and we generally multi-task while scans and tools are running. We only charge when we activly physically work on the device.  We believe this is the most fair cost-effective solution. We hope you agree.

Virus Removal

Peak PC GEEK, with over 40 years combined experience, is a reliable resource for all of your residential and small business Computer Repair Services and Information Technology needs.

computer repair
Keeping it simple is our promise.  We won't try to confuse you.  We will explain what you have and what you need based on what you want.


Computer Repairs & Upgrades

We have wide expertise troubleshooting both hardware and software issues on a variety of desktops, laptops, servers, connected peripherals, tablets, and smart phones. 

Computer Virus Removal

Our goal is to preserve your PC and files while removing infections and preventing further infections.  We also remove malware, spyware, trojans, worms and any other type of actual or potential threat. 

Wifi Setup

We come onsite and provide router configuration and security. Each PC, phone, tablet, laptop, wifi device will be connected and tested.  We leave you with a basic setup document to explain the configuration and passwords so you can better understand your home network.


Sometimes you just need a little help.  We don't mind spending time with you explaining how things work.  We generally try to not only get your computer back in action but also explain what we did.  We hope you can avoid service calls for simple things..  Not that we don't want the money, we just feel it's important to build relationships with our customers and build trust.  One way we do that is by not performing "magic".  We wan't you to know what's going on.

Recover your files

Ever ran over a laptop with important files?  We sure hope you don't but we know things happen and sometimes data recovery is the only option.  When disaster strikes let us help you get your important pictures and documents from your old PC.  We will create an archive for you and even help you load them onto your new computer.



5% off for paying ahead while booking!

If you use our online booking service to book your service call and you pay ahead, you will receive 5% off your first hour. Just click the "Book Online Now" link below.


Rate change

Our rates have gone back up to the very low price of 75$/hr for all work. We are still your lowest price in town. Our years of expertise and being so close to you makes us the best choice.


Grand Opening Sale!

From 10/14/2014 - 01/01/2015 hourly rates are reduced from $75/hr to $50/hr.  Please like us on facebook and recommend us to your friends.  We will work very hard to build your trust.

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